Round 2 and Round 3

Round 2 and Round 3 will take place in the Education Records Module Registration System (ModReg@EduRec).

The ModReg Student User Guide and detailed schedule of outcomes release will be posted here when they are ready.

In these rounds, you will be able to make changes (add/drop) to your approved modules:

  1. Select and drop Yale-NUS modules.
  2. Select and drop NUS CLS modules and NUS elective modules.
  • To register for Yale NUS, NUS CLS and NUS elective modules, please proceed to select the module(s) in ModReg@EduRec directly. The outcome of your application will be available via ModReg@EduRec following the detailed schedule for Round 2 and Round 3 outcomes release.
  • Updates pertaining to graduate modules offered by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy will be posted here, once LKYSPP publishes its list of module offerings for Semester 1 AY2019/2020. Please note that LKYSPP requires that applicants must be in their third or fourth year of study and have a minimum CAP of 4.0 to be considered. As graduate modules are not available for registration via ModReg@EduRec, interested students will need to complete the Module Add/Drop Form and submit to their Assistant Dean. The deadline for application will be advised here in due course.
  • Updates pertaining to modules offered by the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music will be available here, once the Conservatory publishes its list of module offerings for Semester 1 AY2019/2020.

Please also note the following:

  1. Overload: You will be able to add the additional module(s) during Round 3 if your Assistant Dean has approved your overload request from previous rounds. Otherwise, you can submit your overload request to your Assistant Dean during these rounds. Once approved, you will be able to select the additional module(s) in ModReg.
  2. Underload: You are advised to plan carefully as under loading may affect your graduation progress and ability to complete your degree within the stipulated candidature period. All students are required to register at least 18 MC of workload in a semester. If you intend to underload in the semester, you are required to appeal to your Assistant Dean with supporting reasons. However, enrolling in less than 14 MCs requires a petition to CAS (Committee on Academic Standards). The petition should be submitted well in advance of the “Add” module deadline so that you are still in time to add a module in the event that your appeal is not successful. Students who are in their graduating semester are allowed to register a minimum of 14 MC without Assistant Dean’s permission as long as they are on-track to meet graduation requirements.
  3. Independent Reading and Research (IRR) Module/Special Project in Science (SPS)/Independent Language Study & Research (ILSR) modules: If you are interested to read an independent study module, please refer to the registration forms for IRR,  SPS and ILSR. The deadline to submit your registration for an IRR or SPS or ILSR module is 5pm on Friday, 16 August 2019, end of instructional week one.
  4. Module Pre-requisite: The same instructions as mentioned above in point 8 under Round 1A will apply. Reminder: If you have not passed a module in Semester 2 that is a pre-requisite to the module that you have been allocated for Semester 1 AY2019/20, you are not eligible to read the module and should proceed to drop the module during these rounds, unless otherwise approved by the instructor.
  5. Portfolio submission for YHU4214 Advanced Creative Nonfiction: The same instructions as mentioned above in point 9 under Round 1A will apply. The deadline for portfolio submission will be announced here in due course.
  6. Change of Major/Minor: If you plan to change your declared Major/Minor, please submit your request via myYaleNUS. The outcome of the change will be updated in the system once the appropriate approvals are received.
  7. Drop module: Students may drop their allocated modules via ModReg@EduRec (note that minimum workload must be maintained). Students are to refer to the important timelines for the periods where modules dropped will be prescribed with ‘W’ (Withdrawn) grade or ‘F’ (Fail) grade. If you wish to drop any module after end of recess week, you will not be able to do so via ModReg@EduRec. Instead, please download and complete the hard copy of the Yale-NUS Module Add/Drop Form to submit your drop request to your Assistant Dean.