Round 1B

This round is for adding new modules only. You will see the approved modules from Round 1A and add new modules if you have not been successful in all of the modules that you have applied for in Round 1A.

If you do not need to add any more module(s), you do not need to take further action in Round 1B. Should you wish to drop an approved module, you can only do so from Round 2 onwards.

In this round, you can:

  1. Select Yale-NUS modules via OurCORS. Please refer to Module Brief for a list of Yale-NUS offerings.
  2. Select NUS Centre for Language Studies (CLS) modules (applicable to beginning level modules and continuing students).
  1. Students who are interested in beginning level language modules and students who are currently registered or have passed a CLS language module and wish to progress to a higher level language module, please login to Canvas and submit your request. This link will be open from Monday, 1 Apr 2019, 0900 hrs to Friday, 12 Apr 2019, 1700 hrs.
  2. During Round 1A and Round 1B, the CLS timetable is not available yet. Please refer to the tentative list of modules CLS will be offering in Semester 1 AY2019/2020.
  3. Once the timetable for NUS CLS modules is available in end June, Registry will be in contact with you to confirm your registration and selection of your preferred lecture group. If there is a timetable clash with your allocated Yale-NUS module(s), you will be required to inform Registry on which module you want to be registered.
  4. Successful applicants will be pre-allocated with the CLS module and the outcome will be available at ModReg@EduRec when Round 2 opens. If the pre-allocation is unsuccessful, you may register directly via ModReg@EduRec when Round 2 opens.
  5. For modules with multiple tutorial class options, you will only be pre-allocated with the main lecture class and you will need to select your tutorial class via ModReg@EduRec in Round 3.


  • Students who are interested in registering for CLS 2000 level and above modules but do not meet the prerequisites are required to register for a placement test. You may look out for the notice of placement tests posted on the CLS website or contact the CLS General Office directly. After you have completed the placement test, you will be notified of the outcome by CLS. Accordingly, you will register via ModReg@EduRec during Round 2 or Round 3 depending on when you have completed the placement test.
  • Students who are interested in registering for other NUS (non-language) elective modules will do so via ModReg@EduRec from Round 2 onwards. The list of NUS elective modules offered in AY2019/2020 is not yet available at this time. Students may wish to refer to NUS Bulletin “Search Modules” to refer to modules offered in the past academic year as a reference point.
  • Students reading NUS modules are subject to NUS policy and guidelines governing these modules.

Please also note the following:

  1. Overload: Although you may apply for an overload with your Assistant Dean during Round 1A and Round 1B, you will only be able to select the additional Yale-NUS or NUS elective module during Round 3 if your Assistant Dean approves of your overload. Thus, Round 1B is only for students to add new module(s) if they have not been successful in obtaining the module(s) that they have applied for in Round 1A.
  2. Common Curriculum Modules – Historical Immersion modules (applicable to students from Class of 2020 & Class of 2021): Modules designated as fulfilling the Historical Immersion (HI) requirement will be opened to Year 4 and Year 3 students only during Round 1B to award priority to senior students. Year 4 students who are unsuccessful in enrolling into a HI module during Round 1A must consider the available HI modules in Round 1B, and enroll into one.
  3. Independent Reading and Research (IRR) Module/Special Project in Science (SPS)/Independent Language Study & Research (ILSR) modules: If you are interested to read an independent study module, please refer to the registration forms for IRR,  SPS and ILSR. The deadline to submit your registration for an IRR or SPS or ILSR module is 5pm on Friday, 16 August 2019, end of instructional week one.
  4. Module Pre-requisite: The same instructions as mentioned above in point 8 under Round 1A will apply.
  5. Change of Major/Minor: If you plan to change your declared Major/Minor, please submit your request via myYaleNUS. The outcome of the change will be updated in the system once the appropriate approvals are received.
  6. Round 1B Results: Registry will send an email to notify students when the results are available for viewing within 3 weeks after the close of Round 1B module registration.